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  1. To open Marketing Tool:
  • Go to
  • Sign In (Username, Password)
  • Select Site name
  • Select Marketing Tool
  1. Marketing Tool: Allows you to send out campaigns to customers
  • Add New Campaign: Start a new SMS Text or Email Campaign
  • Templates: Allows you to choose preset templates like holidays
  • Campaign Name
  • Customers: Choose customers by last visit date
  • Import: Allows you to import customer’s phone numbers
  • Code: Code used for discounts
  • Value: Value of the discount code
  • Expiration: Date the code expires
  • Short MSG: Allows you to write a message for campaign. Limited to 150 characters
  • Phone Number: Allows you to send a test campaign to your phone
  • Send Test
  • Run Campaign Now
  • Save Campaign For Later

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