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  1. Pickup: It will display areas to fill in customer information.
  • Pickup Customer Information:
    • Phone Symbol: Phone Line number
    • Time: Time customer calls and called last
    • Name: Customer’s name
    • Phone: Customer’s phone number
    • Address + visits, note: Customer’s address, number of visits and notes left by users
    • Order History: List of past orders done by customer and the ability to duplicate those orders
    • Found: Number of customers found that share similar information
    • Charge: If there is a delivery charge, it will attach to the customer’s information based on past orders
    • Ready Time: Will allow you to choose a time of when the order will be ready
    • Notes: Is split into public and private. The public notes will print on the customer receipt. The private notes will only be available to users
  • Enable/Disable Curbside Pickup:
    • Tools->Back Office->Advanced->System->General->Curbside Pickup
    • Yes: “Curbside Pickup” button will be displayed and add “CURBSIDE” to the name field, No: Disabled Curbside Pickup button
  • Enable/Disable Togo order tax:
    • Tools->Back Office->Advanced->System->General->Togo No Tax
    • Tax Tool must be Yes. Yes: Tax is not applied for togo(pickup & walkin) orders, No: Tax is applied for togo orders
  • Send order is ready alert for pickup orders:
    • Tools->Back Office->Advanced->System->General->Auto SMS Alert
    • Pickup orders with phone number registered. Yes: Sends “Order is Ready” alert to customers when order is closed on kitchen display, No: Disable alert
  • Whether server selection is required:
    • Tools->Back Office->Advanced->System->General->Pickup Select
    • Yes: When entering walkin/pickup orders, server selection is required, No: When entering walkin/pickup orders, server selection is not required
  • Whether it will prompt for phone number:
    • Tools->Back Office->Advanced->System->Rule & Credit Card->Pickup Phone
    • Yes: Clicking Clear, Enter or refreshing the terminal will automatically prompt for phone number
  • Mark Pickup orders Togo:
    • Tools->Back Office->Advanced->System->Rule & Credit Card->Mark Togo
    • Yes: Pickup order receipts will print a black bar with “TOGO” in white text at the bottom, No: Will not print “TOGO”
  • Enabling/Disabling Pickup orders:
    • New Back Office: Tools->Back Office->Setup->Order Types->Pickup:
    • Enable this order type box can be checked or unchecked to enable/disable Pickup orders
    • Advanced Back Office: Tools->Back Office->Advanced->System->Rule & Credit Card->Order Types:
    • Pickup box can be checked or unchecked to enable/disable Pickup orders
  • New Back Office Pickup Settings:
    • Tools->Back Office->Setup->Order Types->Pickup
    • Enable this order type
    • Enable curbside pickup
    • Automatically show caller ID
    • Require pickup phone number on order entry
    • Credit Card payment receipt printer: Choose printer

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